Friday, March 11, 2011

Winning, Indeed.

Normally, this time of year (after the Academy Awards, that is) I'm inclined to share my top ten list of favorite movies from the previous year. However, it turns out Charlie Sheen has put on a better show than the Oscars lately, so I've decided to write about him instead.

In another change of pace, I'm also currently writing for a website called This Or That which posts articles on a variety of topics that interest me (and probably you as well). So, for an indefinite amount of time, my article-writing will be divided between this blog and that website. Probably my more personal and long-winded articles will be saved for here whereas my more brief and mainstream articles will appear there. Case in point, the aforementioned article on Charlie Sheen can be viewed at

This is the important part:
This Or That offers up "royalties" to authors when certain articles of theirs go viral. So, you're doing me a big favor by reading my articles on This Or That and an even bigger favor by forwarding these articles to friends of yours (and friends of theirs and so on). In fact, you don't even hafta read it, you can just click on it. However, let me assure you that I'm not a total sell-out. It's not just about the money. I do appreciate every single individual who reads what I write - even if they hate it, I'm still glad they read it. So, thank you for doing exactly that right now, whether it be for free or for pay. This Or That just gives me the opportunity to make some money offa my writing in a way that still won't cost you a cent.

Regardless, I'll get to my top ten list of 2010 eventually, but for now, please enjoy my perspective on the state of Charlie Sheen's career by indulging in "5 Charlie Sheen Performances That Are Even Better Now That He's Totally Insane". And stay tuned for more. Thanks again for reading!

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